There's no 3-legged animal

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Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 08:44:40 EDT

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      I once asked an Oxford Don on a uk email group why a
    horse had 4-legs. He told me it was because of
    "Darwinian Natural Selection".
      When I politely informed him he was an idiot, and that
    it was caused by the Euclidean* geometry of real space, he
    became incensed and had me killfiled on the Oxford
    computer system.
      Subsequently I found myself talking by phone to a Dr. in
    Scotland about this, and he spent 15 minutes long distance
    telling me how during the War due to doctor shortages they
    were unable to treat injured animals and that consequently
    there were hundreds of 3-legged dogs walking around Edinburgh
    because all they could do for them was amputate.
      Anyway, to my knowledge nobody has ever found an example
    of a true 3-legged animal existing in nature, and that sure
    is proof in my estimation that 4 is the minimum number of
    legs adequate for the survival of an animal in the real world**.
      All of this is powerful evidence that the "Cartesian Theory"
    of body structure advanced by Hammond (1994) is correct, and
    therefore that the SPOG (Scientific Proof of God) which is
    based on that theory is likewise correct. The "entire history
    of Evolution" as it were, confirms it.

    * Pedant alert: We are here talking about "flat space",
      i.e., space with low gravity such as on the surface of the
      Earth where spatial curvature is so small it can't even
      be measured my modern science. Also, we are talking about
      3D space here, not 4D spacetime.

    ** Pedant alert: 4 is the minimum number. Of course you can
      have more.. a centiped has 100 for instance, but 4 is the
      structural minimum. And BTW "bipeds" are actually 4-legged
      animals balancing on their hind legs, so they are not an
      exception either. Neither are Kangaroo's, since a tail is
      an extension of the spine, not a leg. Fact is there is
      probably no such thing as an animal with an odd number of
      legs either.

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