Genuine Faith

From: Lucy Masters (
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 16:10:57 EDT

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    I completely agree with your last email. Faith seems to be one of those
    things that you cannot lose once you've got it. If one thinks he's lost
    his faith, then he never really had it to begin with. People will argue
    the point, but I suspect those who "lost their faith" really had faith
    in something other than God to begin with (such as faith in a notion, or
    a ritual, or whatever). Sadly, I believe this confusion to be rather
    rampant. Whenever I see people (fellow Christians) screaming at one
    another over interpretations of the Bible, or over proposed changes to a
    ceremony at the church, and so on, I always wonder if these people have
    faith in God or faith in the Bible, faith in the ceremony, etc. Faith,
    by definition, cannot have conditions, IMHO.


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