RE: Homosexuality (a condition) and homosexual activities

From: Scott Tucker (
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 12:34:24 EDT

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    [ Hello ASA listers -- this is my first post. I am an architect living (and
    sometimes working) in Houston, TX --ST ]

    Some seem to say, "If God created me that way, then it can't be sinful to
    act naturally." I would suggest there is biblical support for absolute
    morality; relative morality is a slippery slope.

    By analogy, if one is a "natural born" pederast or zooerast, we would have
    much less compunction for condemning that behavior.

    Suppose I have a predisposition to act immorally (and who doesn't?) -- the
    sin is not found in the temptation, it becomes sin when we act upon it, or
    even dwell on it (Mt. 5:28).

    We don't delude ourselves into thinking that we have a God-given license to
    act upon any natural impulse, so why do we forget this with regard to
    sexuality? Is a sexual partner an "inalienable right?"

    --Scott Tucker

    > Iain wrote: ...I feel in this case one can't get round
    > the Romans verse. The only case where it could be possibly
    > justified is in the case, IMO of "natural born homosexuals",
    > that did not choose to be that way inclined...

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