Re: A Question of Legitimacy (was: The Wheel of God)

Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 23:38:42 EDT

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    > Allan,
    > In your recent mail to Richard McGough (9 Aug) you wrote:
    > " Whether it is a legitimate exercise to extract mathematical patterns
    > not just from the words of Scripture as they were originally written
    > (which many would already consider dubious on various theological
    > grounds), but also from the arbitrary things humans have done to
    > Scripture since then(such as grouping of books or verse divisions), is a
    > fair question...(and) probably worth discussing in a graceful, rational,
    > theologically informed way. "
    > Thank you for raising this important matter; I would welcome its proper
    > scrutiny by members of this list. Your statement, of course, embraces
    > both OBC ("The Other Bible Code") and BW ("The Bible Wheel").
    > Naturally, I would for the moment like to confine my remarks to OBC - my
    > own particular field of study.

    There are aspects here for others to answer (or ignore, as they see fit in
    their own stewardship of their time and energy).

    I just wanted to mention that my original statement does not encompass
    several of the thngs Vernon does. I mentioned the legitimacy (or, perhaps,
    lack therof) of trying to find mathematical patterns in:
    1) The Scriptures as originally written
    2) Seemingly arbitrary things humans have done to Scripture, such as verse
    divisions, assignment of numbers to Hebrew and Greek letters, groupings of
    books, etc.)

    Vernon, in his work (and item #5 in his latest message) brings in yet a third
    3) Numerical aspects of arbitrary human decisions unrelated to the Scripture,
    such as the measures of the SI system and the dimensions of A4 paper.

    Of course the same questions of legitimacy can be asked with regard to
    category #3. But it seems that, as one goes from (1) to (2) to (3), one is
    moving farther away from the Word of God, and therefore the burden of proof
    becomes larger on the one who is trying to prove ultimate significance in the
    mathemetical patterns.

    Vernon also said:
    "No thinking Christian can deny the need for some 'sign' in our
    day that would restore the Authority of the Scriptures, and remind man
    of the Being and Sovereignty of God."

    This Christian is thinking about the harsh words Jesus had about those who
    seek after signs. And I'm also thinking about how Jesus spoke of the
    uselessness of signs for those who are in rebellion against God.

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