A Question of Legitimacy (was: The Wheel of God)

From: Vernon Jenkins (vernon.jenkins@virgin.net)
Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 17:34:30 EDT

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    In your recent mail to Richard McGough (9 Aug) you wrote:

    " Whether it is a legitimate exercise to extract mathematical patterns
    not just from the words of Scripture as they were originally written
    (which many would already consider dubious on various theological
    grounds), but also from the arbitrary things humans have done to
    Scripture since then(such as grouping of books or verse divisions), is a
    fair question...(and) probably worth discussing in a graceful, rational,
    theologically informed way. "

    Thank you for raising this important matter; I would welcome its proper
    scrutiny by members of this list. Your statement, of course, embraces
    both OBC ("The Other Bible Code") and BW ("The Bible Wheel").
    Naturally, I would for the moment like to confine my remarks to OBC - my
    own particular field of study.

    The Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek documents which form the basis of all
    Bible translations are also, by historical precedent, sets of numbers.
    In the light of this intriguing situation the searching question arises:
    Do we regard these numbers - which, in respect of the Hebrew and
    Aramaic, post-dated the writing of the words - as of God? (and
    therefore potential sources of additional Scriptural information) - or
    simply as fortuitous adhesions to the text? If all the evidence points
    to the former, then clearly it must be the Christian's duty to read and
    study this information - otherwise he/she has become 'unteachable' in
    respect of the miraculous.

    I shall present my case for believing the numbers to be 'of God' under
    the following five headings: (1) The Expectation, (2) The Riddle, (3)
    Some Numerical Absolutes, (4) Creation and the Creator, and (5) A Living

    (1) The Expectation

    I suggest the words of the Lord through the prophet Isaiah (Is.29:14-16,
    particularly) have yet to be completely fulfilled _in the eyes of the
    world_. No thinking Christian can deny the need for some 'sign' in our
    day that would restore the Authority of the Scriptures, and remind man
    of the Being and Sovereignty of God. This need is rendered the more
    urgent as we witness the world's rapid decline to a pre-Babel condition
    - powerfully enabled by the now de facto universal tongue, English, and
    recent developments in the field of telecommunications.

    The Lord took decisive action way back; shouldn't we expect something of
    the same now? - this time, possibly, of a spectacular kind emerging from
    the Scriptures?

    (2) The Riddle

    The Bible's last Book opens with the words, "The Revelation of Jesus
    Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew his servants...". In verse 19
    of the final chapter the reader is warned not to "take away from the
    words of the book of this prophecy" (in other words, not to ignore any
    of its contents). Such is the wider context within which we find
    Rv.13:18. Clearly, the verse is compulsory reading for the Christian!
    The solution to this 'riddle' involves the reading of a string of
    letters as a number - the ostensible purpose being to identify 'the
    beast' - commonly understood to be the evil world ruler prophesied to
    appear at the end of the age (however, since the Greek has no indefinite
    article, the term 'beast' might well refer to an undesirable attribute
    of mankind in general that will attain its zenith at that time - the NIV
    translation implying that). But there are a number of reasons why we
    should look elsewhere for the true purpose of this divine challenge.

    Thus, (a) how could we possibly be sure we'd got the right man (or
    whatever) in the absence of a universally-agreed scheme for converting
    names to numbers; (b) what would be the point of the exercise? - even if
    it were agreed we had the right man, could anything be done to thwart
    prophesy and prevent his becoming an all-powerful tyrant?: and (c) what
    are we to understand by Rv.15:2 which speaks of those (the 'elect') who
    had conquered, not just the beast, but also the __number_ of his name
    (ie 666)? To cap it all, of course, we have the offer of _wisdom_ -
    something more profound than mere _knowledge_. But if we are not
    seeking the name of an individual, what then are we looking for?

    To answer this question it is sufficient for the time being to observe
    that anyone putting the words of Rv.13:18 into practice - however it is
    interpreted - must, by a process of trial and error, read words as
    numbers - the target to be aimed at being 666.

    (3) Some Numerical Absolutes

    Mathematics is universally respected as a primary source of objective
    truth. In essence, it is concerned with _number_ and _form_ - concepts
    that are found uniquely combined in a particular class of objects: the
    _figurate_ numbers. The simplest of these arises directly from the
    operation of counting by reciting the sequence of natural numbers thus:
    "one, one plus two, one plus two plus three,...", so generating the
    _triangular_ number sequence, 1, 3, 6, 10, and so on, without limit. A
    typical example is seen in the game of snooker where the fifteen 'reds'
    are arranged in equilateral triangle formation at the beginning of each
    frame. Clearly, the symmetry of form that is observed is a fundamental
    property of fifteen; it is completely independent of any symbolism that
    might be invented to represent this number, and is universal and

    666 is such a number! - as also are _all_ its numerical attributes. As
    normally written in base 10 representation it is a repetition of the
    first _perfect number_, 6. In addition, its highest prime divisor is 37
    - a number that is uniquely symmetrical (since, expressed as a
    collection of uniform circular counters, it can assume the forms of
    hexagon, hexagram and octagon). These numbers are therefore singularly
    _figurate_ and are unique in the field of numerical geometry.

    Clearly, the realisation of these facts represents a major point of
    departure in our study of Rv.13:18. That there is more to this verse
    than meets the eye is now fully confirmed; we have been provided with a
    solid platform from which we may now, in confidence and legitimacy,
    proceed further with our enquiries.

    (4) Creation and the Creator

    Few Christians would disagree that Gn.1:1 is a foundational verse. It is
    also the logical place to begin putting the reading of words as numbers
    into practice. Evaluating its 7 Hebrew words we find their total, 2701,
    to be a triangular number - specifically, the sum of the first 73
    natural numbers, 1+2+3+4+...+72+73. Its prime factors are 37 and 73; its
    outline comprises 216, or 6.6.6, counters. Words 1 and 3 total 999, or
    27x37; words 2, 4 and 5 total 999; words 6 and 7 total 703 - a
    triangular number (the 37th) which, when inverted, fits precisely into
    2701-as-triangle - creating a trio of 666-as-triangle in the process.

    Turning now to the Creator: as evaluated from the Greek (nominative
    case), the name 'Jesus' = 888 = 24x37, and the title 'Christ' = 1480, or
    40x37; the total is 2368, or 64x37. Each of these is a multiple of 296 (
    or 8x37), 7th word of Gn.1:1 - meaning, very appropriately, 'earth'. The
    ratio Jesus:Christ is therefore 3:5 - the ratio of the sides of the
    mercy seat (Ex.25:17) - a symbol of the Lord.

    Here we see quite clearly that 37 - unique number per se and highest
    prime factor of the uniquely triangular 666 - is the 'cement' that binds
    together this overview of Creation with the Creator himself. The
    equilateral triangle (a fitting symbol of the Trinity) also emerges as a
    significant type of numero-geometrical object. Finally, numbers that in
    base 10 representation appear as digit repetitions are a noteworthy
    feature of these phenomena.
    (5) A Living Testimonial

    There exists a close correspondence between the Gn.1:1 data and the
    metric dimensions of the ISO standard _A4_ sheet of cut paper first
    introduced in the 1960s, and now in use worldwide. 666 and its close
    companion 1260, are also directly involved. The details have been
    written up under the heading "Exceptional Measures" at the URL given

    This being a much abridged version of the facts, I would be interested
    to hear a biblically-based 'Case for the Prosecution'.




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