Re: Evolution of proteins in sequence space

From: Keith B Miller (
Date: Sat Aug 11 2001 - 22:57:29 EDT

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    Bert wrote:

    >So, tell me what I am to look for to differentiate between your fully formed
    >universe and the universe of the progressive creationist.

    I know this question was for Howard, but I will put in my two cents.

    I depends completely on how that "progressive creationist" view is
    articulated. If such a view argues for major interventions that would be
    identifiable as significant breaks or gaps in the history of life, then the
    discontinuities predicted are potentially testable. As I stated
    previously, to have any scientific meaning, such proposals would have to be
    specific in identifying the exact position and character of the gap in
    question. The problem here is that any view supported by negative evidence
    is weak, and subject to subsequent discoveries (the "God of the Gaps"
    dilema). An acceptance of a creation formational integrity view would
    argue that scientists' pursuit of filling those gaps will be ultimately

    However, many of the "progressive creationist" views are articulated in
    such a way that they would be indistinguishable from one that proposes
    unbroken chains of cause-and-effect. That is again why the theological
    issues are so important.


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