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Date: Sat Aug 11 2001 - 10:13:35 EDT

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    Guy Blanchet wrote:

    > Mr. Murphy,
    > No one, in the course of commenting on the literariness of the book of
    > Jonah made any reference to the rest of the Bible to back up
    > arguments. Allow me to try. In Matthew 12:38-41 Jesus shows
    > unmistakebly that he takes the 'fish story' as a historical fact. He
    > called it a 'sign' of his own ressurection. He put the fish, the
    > repentance of the Ninevites, his ressurection, and the judgement day
    > in the same category.

            1. In assessing the Mt. text one would have to take into
    account the strong possibility that in the Incarnation God accomodated
    himself in some ways to the knowledge and ideas of his contemporaries.
            2. If I compare some woman's beauty to that of Helen of Troy,
    it doesn't mean that I'm affirming the historical character of the



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Dialogue"

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