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      The OT says that man "is made in the image of God".
    Recently a scientific explanation of this has been found
    by Hammond (1994).
      The vertebrate body is well known to be "3-axis Cartesian"
    geometrically. This can be seen in any elementary textbook
    such as FIG 2. located at:

    where the Medial, Horizontal and Transverse septums form
    3-orthogonal planes intersecting in the 3 well known
    "cartesian body axes" of the generalized vertebrate body
    plan (including humans).
      Now, Hammond (1994) has argued that the physical cause of
    this 3-axis body plan is simply the "Cartesian structure of
    space itself" (Riemannian structure for the more advanced).
      However, some people have brought up the question of how
    "space" can cause the geometry of a "physical object" such
    as the human body.
      Turns out of course that it can, and does. For instance,
    well known to every mechanical engineer is the axiom that:

           "Every machine designed to span N dimensional
            space, must have N degrees of freedom, which
            in the simplest case, means N orthogonal axes
            of movement."

      Of course, some have pressed further and demanded to know
    where this law comes from.
      To answer that, we have to turn to Einstein, where the answer
    is given in Chapter I of his well known book:

    EINSTEIN A. (1996), The Meaning of Relativity, 5th Edition,
                        MJF Books, N.Y. ISBN 1-56731-136-9
                        (1st edition 1922, Princeton U.Pr.)

    Here we find Einstein explaining why;

          ".. in Euclidean geometry there are preferred
           systems of co-ordinates, the Cartesian systems
           which transform into each other by linear
           orthogonal transformations"

                            (Einstein, ibid p.7)

    Generally, Einstein explains that it is historically established

          "It is assumed in pre-relativity physics that the laws
           of the configuration of ideal rigid bodies are
           consistent with Euclidean geometry. What this means
           may be expressed as follows: Two points marked on a
           rigid body form an interval. Such an interval can be
           oriented at rest, relatively to our space of reference
           in a multiplicity of ways. If, now, the points of this
           space can be referred to coordinates x, y, z, in such a
           way that the differences of the coordinates dx, dy, dz
           of the two ends of the interval furnish the same sums of

                   s2 = dx2 + dy2 + dz2

           for every orientation, then the space of reference is
           called Euclidean, and the coordinates Cartesian."

                            (Einstein, ibid p.4)

    Finally, he concludes:

            "The Cartesian systems of coordinates are characterized
             by the property that in them the measurable distance
             between two points, s, is expressed by the equation

                  s2 = dx2 + dy2 + dz2

                             (Einstein, ibid p.9)

    Lastly, of considerable physical interest, is the following

            "That Euclidean geometry, from this point of
             view, affirms something more than the mere
             deductions derived logically from definitions
             may be seen from the following simple consideration:

               Between n points of space there are n(n-1)/2
             distances s(u,v); between these and the 3n
             coordinates we have the relations:

           s(u,v) = [x(u)-x(v)]2 + [y(u)-y(v)]2 + [z(u)-z(v)]2

              From these n(n-1)/2 equations the 3n coordinates
            may be eliminated, and from this elimination at least
            n(n-1)/2 -3n equations in the s(u,v) will result*
            since the s(u,v) are measurable quantities, and by
            definition are independent of each other, these
            relations between the s(u,v) are not necessary
            a priori.
             *Footnote (Einstein's)
            (In reality there are n(n-1)/2 -3n +6 equations.)

                    (Einstein, ibid p.8)

      Now, as you can see from the above, the imposition of
    the (Pythagorean/Cartesian) metric:

                 s2 = dx2 + dy2 + dz2

    actually physically constrains the geometrical distribution
    of points in space (the s(u,v) equations above). A simple
    example of this would be for three points in space with
    the 3 distances between them being A,B,C.

               \ /
                \ /
              B \ / C
                  \ /
                   \ /

    Obviously, A cannot be greater than B+C for instance. This
    is entirely due to the "Pythagorean Metric" of real space.
    So therefore, the Metric "enforces" certain physical geometrical
    constraints on real physical bodies. In fact, serious
    investigation of this problem by H. Weyl and others early on
    uncovered the fact that the "Cartesian Metric" given above
    (the quadratic metric) is the ONLY metric that will allow
    a physical object to be rotated in real space without being
    torn apart due to stretching. This in fact, is "why" real
    space has a "Cartesian" (or Pythagorean) quadratic metric.
    And this in turn, restricts the possible coordinate systems
    to "Cartesian" (meaning orthogonal) coordinate systems.
    As you can see, this is not a "mathematical fact", it is an
    actual PHYSICAL fact.
      So, to sum up, this is how the "metrical structure of space"
    or the "geometry of space" PHYSICALLY causes the (Cartesian)
    geometry of the human body. the 3-axis orthogonal structure
    is the "simplest" Cartesian structure. In fact, this is why
    rectangular, Square or Cubic structure is in fact the most
    prevalent physical geometric structure in the real world.
    the P and D bonding orbitals of the Atom are 3-axis orthogonal
    (Cartesian). 90% of all solids crystallize in a cubic or
    ortho rhombic system. It explains why a car has 4-wheels,
    why a horse has 4-feet, why a house is square, why an airplane
    has 3-axis "pitch, roll and yaw", or even why likewise the
    human body has "pitch, roll and yaw" sensors in the middle ear
    called semicircular canals, etc. etc.

      To sum up then, the Cartesian structure of the human body
    is PHYSICALLY caused by the "geometry of space" itself.

      Now, some may wonder why this is so important, and I will finish
    up by simply mentioning this.
      The Cartesian structure of the body it turns out causes a Cartesian
    structure of the Brain, and the Cartesian structure of the Brain
    causes a Cartesian structure in PSYCHOMETRY eigenvector space. Hence,
    what we discover is that the geometry of Real Space causes the
    geometry of Psychological Space.
      The importance of this it turns out, is that just like there is
    a "curvature" of real space, it turns out that there is a "curvature"
    of psychometric space, only it doesn't cause gravity, it causes
    "God". Hence, we wind up with a proof that "gravity causes God".
    But... that is beyond the scope of this discussion.
      At any rate, we see how it is that the "body plan" or framework
    of the human body is identical to the Cartesian Coordinate System
    itself. This is commonly called the "Cross" in the Christian Religion.
    In fact, in Christianity a human body is traditionally affixed to
    the Cross to draw attention to this identity. Fact is, the
    body plan (bauplan) of all living things, both animals and plants
    is Cartesian (Cross structure), so that the Cross is in fact the
    schematic image of Man, and therefore the symbolic "image of God"; the
    symbolic image of every living thing. This necessity ensures for
    instance that even if there is life on another planet, it is
    guaranteed to have a "Cross-structure" (Cartesian) bodyplan, and will
    believe in "God" and recognize the Cross of Christianity, a handy thing
    to know should we ever encounter them.

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    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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