Re: LU on environment

Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 23:34:41 EDT

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    Jeffrey Greenberg commented:

    > Michael Roberts attracts our attention to the space given
    > environmental issues and environmental ethics by Campus
    > Crusade's Leadership University. Please note that LU seems to be
    > in a rather confused state of opinion over the complexity of
    > environmental science, politics, theology, economics and their
    > interrelationships. Most of CC's or LU's chosen opinion articles are
    > clearly "free market" anti-regulatory and very conservative (I hate to
    > use that modifier) relative to politics and theology. Most attitudes
    > expressed are not so much for care of Creation but for "liberal" use
    > of all its attributes. Cal DeWitt thrown into the mix is an odd
    > bedfellow because he really represents a much more truly
    > conservative position counter to our selfish exploitation of global
    > resources.

    The one thing that seems most absent in their (LU) examples
    is the scientific consensus. Please see

    Nature 412, 112 - 114 (12 July 2001)

    The National Academy of Science is likely to have its
    own inherent problems and agendas. However, when they
    agree there is a problem, I suspect there probably is.

    by Grace we proceed,

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