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Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 16:02:56 EDT

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     "On the subject of the Church performing "Gay Marriages"
    I would say that the Church should restrict the marriage
    ceremony to exclusively XY's marrying XX's.
      It is certainly legal for XX's OR XY's to enter into a
    variety of legal relationships, including a Legal Partnership
    if they so desire. However, I see no reason why "marriage"
    shouldn't be legally restricted using DNA testing to the
    legal union of XY's with XX's. Tell me I'm wrong?"

    As with many things in life, the relationship between phenotypic and
    genotypic sex is not as simple as one might think at first glance. There
    are people who have all their lives believed themselves to be female, but on
    genetic testing are shown to have XY chromosomes--a situation known as
    androgen insufficiency syndrome. The opposite situation has also been known
    to occur with congenital adrenal hyperplasia. And what will you do with
    individuals who are XO, XXY, XYY etc.?

    Years ago the Catholic church decided to accept such people on the basis of
    phenotype and the gender identity in which they were raised i.e. XY
    individuals who look like females and were raised as females are not
    considered to be in homosexual relationships if they marry males.

    Judy Toronchuk
    Trinity Western University
    British Columbia, Canada

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