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Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 21:19:17 EDT

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    In response to Ian's note, George replied:

    > The possibilities you speak about may indeed have some value,
    > but it seems to me that they need to be approached in a tentative
    > fashion without commitment to a once-for-all grand mathematical scheme
    > for the whole Bible. Science has generally succeeded by proceeding from
    > local to global, not vice versa.
    > It is conceivable, of course, that such a grand scheme could be
    > correct, but when it is presented as a fait accompli to be defended
    > against attack rather than for possible correction, revision, &c, the
    > resulting conversation isn't likely to be very profitable. Perhaps that
    > wasn't the intention of "The Wheel of God" but that's the way it seemed
    > to me to be working out after a couple of exchanges.

    I agree that I gave that impression, and I recognize it as an unprofitable
    approach. I hope that it will not color all future interactions. My hope
    was, and is, to receive true criticism of my work, an online peer review, if
    you will.

    Here's the deal: I am willing to utterly abandon any of my propositions that
    can be objectively demonstrated to be false or intellectually untenable. I
    crave intelligent criticism, and I give my word that I will publish a
    prominant retraction *on my site* of anything that can be objectively
    demonstrated to to be in error. I don't have all the answers, no matter how
    much I may seem to act like I do.

    Of course, as the champion of the Wheel of God, it must be understood that
    in my heart and soul, it is a fait accompli. The process by which I came to
    this knowledge left no possible alternative. I discovered the Wheel in 1995,
    but did not recognize the symmetric structure of the seven canonical
    divisions until 2000. Imagine the kind of impact that had on my mind. Here
    was a structure I studied for five years, and then all in one day this
    incredibly beautiful symmetry just appeared before my eyes! It was one of my
    greatest "Omega minus" epiphanies.

    Please understand I am not seeking to re-engage in debate. But I am open to
    further mutually respectful exchange of ideas.

    B'Shem EL Elyon,


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