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Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 13:09:34 EDT

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    My wife and I were discussing miracles last evening. We got to the "sun
    stood still." She mentioned that, in an "meteorology course for teachers"
    at a renowned state university (OK, to let the cat out of the bag, it was
    Penn State), her professor mentioned in passing that, under some
    meteorological conditions, the sun can appear to "stand still" for some time
    (no idea how long). Had something to do with refraction. When those
    conditions disappeared, the sun would "jump" to its "proper" location.

    Any atmospheric scientists out there that can back this up or debunk it?


    Chuck Vandergraaf

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    This is not logical at all. If God created all things then God could make a
    Virgin pregnant, the sun stand still and a fish swallow Jonah. But it does
    not follow as of logic that he did. We need to be sure that the style of
    literature expects us to take it as a miracle. It does for Mary, not
    necessarily for the sun and Jonah is not a historical book - or at least in
    the Jewish canon. Remember that in biblical times there was no real concept
    of science and a "miracle" is a particular act of God and has no reference
    to breaking of scientific law - the usual and wrong definition of a

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    Mr. Olsen,

    It's a question of basic logic. You say you believe in most parts of the
    Bible. Do you
    believe the first lines saying : "In the beginning God created the heavens
    and the earth." ?
    If you believe that, then logically, can you doubt that that same God can
    make the sun that
    he created stand still? And likewise, can he create a large fish to carry a
    man and release
    him after three days?

    Regards a écrit:

    > Ted,
    > I can accept most of the reported miracles in the Old Testament as
    > authentic reports. However, this supposed account of the sun standing
    > is a real problem to me. How do you explain this story and that of Jonah,
    > Ted? I want to maintain the belief that the Bible is the inspired Word of
    > God. But this accout seems beyond credibility to me.
    > Sam
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    > Those bothered by the apparent contradiction between Copernicanism and the
    > literal sense of several verses of the Bible (more than a dozen, but e.g.
    > Joshua chapter 10 and Eccles 1:5) include Martin Luther (George will
    > properly tell us that his comment was impersonal, off-the-cuff, and
    > unofficial--but then so were a lot of the things Luther said), Cardinal
    > Bellarmino, and Tycho Brahe. The list could be a lot longer, but these
    > three illustrate the point well enough.
    > Ted Davis

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