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Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 12:41:40 EDT

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    As a member of the Anglican clergy(Church in Wales and about to move back to
    the Church of England), I will ask what proportion of the Anglican clergy
    are talking about gay marriage services. And also who? Granted relatively
    few are speaking out against it but I would say the vast majroty are agianst
    it . Several Bishops are arguing for recognition of homosexuality as a moral
    option (as did my present Bishop when he last preached in my church to the
    annoyance of many members) but some parishs are insisting that their new
    minister is not gay.

    Now to Burgy. The scriptures are not silent on homosexuality - it is
    condemned in parts of Leviticus chaps 18 - 20, and in Romans 1. So much for
    silence! By pleading some argue that this condemns promiscuous homosexuality
    but not a "monogamous" gay relationship. To follow Paul mongamous buggery is
    as unnatural as promiscuous buggery as it invovles lying with a man as a
    Putting it the same category as anti-slavery and the ordination of woman is
    a weak argument.
    Further recognition of homosexuality completely undermines God making humans
    as male and female and the relationship thereof in Genesis 2. ( The only
    intelligent thing Ken Ham has ever said is that Genesis 2 is about adam and
    Eve and not Adam and Steve.)
    Anyway the bible never condemns pornography or even child pornography, so
    does that mean they are allright. What about the age of consent etc?
    It is difficult not to see that the whole drift of scripture is in favour of
    sexual relationships being only within marriage and only heterosexual.

    I have committed the unforgivable and dealt far too briefly on a very
    serious and important subject.


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