The Bible, Gay Marriages and DNA gender testing

From: George Hammond (
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 06:26:06 EDT

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      A quick search of Google reveals that DNA testing can
    unequivocally determine if a person is Male or Female:

      "Many animals, including humans, have a pair of sex
      chromosomes, designated X and Y, that determine an
      individuals sex. In humans, individuals with XY
      chromosomes are male and XX chromosomes are female.
      The sex of a human baby is determined by the father
      whether they get an X or a Y."

    Cited from the last paragraph of:

    where it is described how a DNA test can easily determine
    if a person is Male or Female with a blood test.

      On the subject of the Church performing "Gay Marriages"
    I would say that the Church should restrict the marriage
    ceremony to exclusively XY's marrying XX's.
      It is certainly legal for XX's OR XY's to enter into a
    variety of legal relationships, including a Legal Partnership
    if they so desire. However, I see no reason why "marriage"
    shouldn't be legally restricted using DNA testing to the
    legal union of XY's with XX's. Tell me I'm wrong?

    George Hammond wrote:
    > bivalve wrote:
    > >
    > > John W Burgeson replied to Ian's post:
    > > >Ian: You wrote, in part: "(3) Though it's politically
    incorrect to draw attention to such things, many Anglican
    clergy are talking about having gay marriage services.
    Apparently here's another bit of the bible (OT and NT) that
    is supposedly no longer relevant to today's society."
    > > >
    > > >Burgy: I think this issue is more the result of some
    people doing some serious Bible study and coming to the
    conclusion that the scriptures, unlike tradition, are silent
    on some instances of homosexual activity. Whether they are
    right or not (I think they are, but that's not the issue here),
    their arguments take scripture as seriously as those with the
    orthodox view they've always been taught.

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