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Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 23:53:16 EDT

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    While I've been trying to stay out of this fray (and maybe should continue to
    do so), I think I can add a possibly helpful observation.

    Richard, I think you need to be aware of how you are coming across on this
    forum, because it is hindering your chances of being heard. Your posts have
    the *tone* of the typical Internet crackpot (please note that I am not saying
    your ideas themselves are crackpottish). You claim to have discovered some
    brilliant self-evident truth, and all those who express skepticism are
    treated as though they are blithering blind idiots. Blasts, complete with
    shouting, like "Where, oh where, is your defense against my DESTRUCTION of
    you argument?" only make you sound arrogant and immature. Your last post to
    George Murphy had the tone of a teenager bragging to his friends about how
    stupid his little sister is. George Murphy probably has some things wrong (as
    we all do), but he is not stupid.

    If you want to be listened to and sharpened by productive discussion (rather
    than ignored as just another obnoxious crackpot), grace and humility and
    respect for your listeners are key. I know those are not the typical currency
    of Internet discussions, but they should be in a Christian forum.

    Dr. Allan H. Harvey, Boulder, Colorado |
    "Any opinions expressed here are mine, and should not be
     attributed to my employer, my wife, or my cats"

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