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Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 20:56:04 EDT

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    bivalve wrote:
    > John W Burgeson replied to Ian's post:
    > >Ian: You wrote, in part: "(3) Though it's politically incorrect to draw attention to such things, many Anglican clergy are talking about having gay marriage services. Apparently here's another bit of the bible (OT and NT) that is supposedly no longer relevant to today's society."
    > >
    > >Burgy: I think this issue is more the result of some people doing some serious Bible study and coming to the conclusion that the scriptures, unlike tradition, are silent on some instances of homosexual activity. Whether they are right or not (I think they are, but that's not the issue here), their arguments take scripture as seriously as those with the orthodox
    > view they've always been taught. <

      I'm sure this is a stupid question, and I should consult a genetics
    expert first.. but I'm just too busy.
      Anyway.. isn't it possible to tell if someone is male or female
    by examining their DNA? Somewhere I got the impression that the
    the common diploid DNA structure is fundamentally different in
    males and females in that the male has an "X-chromosome" and a
    female has a "Y-chromosome". Genetically, wouldn't it only be
    proper for X's to marry Y's, regardless of phenotypic anomalies
    (which, granted, can be phenomenal)? Or is it true that you can't
    tell a male from a female using DNA?

    > In most of the cases I have seen, Ian's assessment is clearly correct. More specificity on exactly who you think has made a credible argument is probably advisable.
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