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From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 18:49:14 EDT

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    Ian: You wrote, in part: "(3) Though it's politically incorrect to draw
    attention to such things, many Anglican clergy are talking about having
    gay marriage services. Apparently here's another bit of the bible (OT and
    NT) that is supposedly no longer relevant to today's society."

    I think this issue is more the result of some people doing some serious
    Bible study and coming to the conclusion that the scriptures, unlike
    tradition, are silent on some instances of homosexual activity. Whether
    they are right or not (I think they are, but that's not the issue here)
    their arguments take scripture as seriously as those with the orthodox
    view they've always been taught. The scriptures are always relevant, but
    sometimes we have, at least possibly, seriously misread them. I think
    that was the case with slavery, which tradition upheld and ministers
    looked for proof texts. Likewise with women in the church; my wife is now
    seeking ordination, an act her father would have turned purple over. And
    some are now coming to understand that while scripture certainly speaks
    against "perversions," both heterosexual and homosexual, it does not
    speak to adult monogamous relationships.

    I have some study materials on my web site which have engaged my mind for
    several years. All sides of the issue are included. Two days ago I
    decided I had been "on the fence" long enough and the specific reference
    below is my position statement on the matter. Is it politically correct?
    Well -- I expect to take a good deal of flak about it, certainly.
    Including some from my own family. But to not speak up for persons who
    are marginalized by many of us would trouble me more.

    John Burgeson (Burgy)

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