Re: The Wheel of God

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Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 02:26:06 EDT

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    > George said: "But let's follow up the physics analogy. Where the
    > Omega-minus? I.e., does your scheme predict any novel theological
    > result? "
    > I had not thought of that angle. Good point.
    Personally I do not think this is a good point at all. If the numerical
    analysis started producing "novel" theology that was different from what we
    understand already, I would regard it as a dangerous practice, leading to
    cult formation, and would distance myself from it as far as possible. It
    has to harmonize with what the text says on the surface, or else it is the
    work of the devil.

    It is only too apparent that there are many suspect Kabbalistic web sites
    around that are borrowing such ideas for astrology, magick and other new-age
    practices. The merit of Richard's approach is simply that it undergirds the
    integrity of the bible. Let's see if there is anything in it (the
    mathematical structure) before it gets bowdlerized by the New Age mob, who
    will just take what they want from it and discard the rest in true
    Post-Modern fashion.

    (Note. The spelling "magick" appears to be used by New-Agers to distinguish
    from "magic" which is an illusion produced by a conjurer. They mean real
    supernatural "magick", and the word makes me shudder).


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