Time cover story confirms Hammond's Proof of God

From: George Hammond (ghammond@mediaone.net)
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 14:11:39 EDT

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    T. wrote:


    > Steckel did not state that Hammond's growth curve deficit can be measured
    > using a mouth swab -

    Wrong. That's exactly what he said. It's plain to anyone
    that in the attached statement he is proposing:

            1. Determine the person's theoretical
                genetic height by testing their DNA
                with a mouth swab(=Genotypic height)
            2. Measure their actual height with a tape
                measure(=Phenotypic height)
            3. Subtract 2 from 1 to obtain the person's
                "growth curve deficit" in height, in inches.

    Now in fact the proportions of the organs of the body
    during growth are already accurately known and have been
    for decades (see D'Arcy Thompson, _On Growth and Form_
    1942, Ch. III). All you have to do is measure
    ONE OF THEM (height for instance), to determine the entire
    general "growth curve deficit" for the person.
    This is routine science obvious to anyone competent.
    According to Steckel and his geneticist pals, we are not
    very far away from actually measuring this using genetics.
    And as the SPOG shows, this is a direct physical laboratory
    measurement of God
      Now don't give me a migraine headache by discussing dwarfism,
    growth hormones and a lot of baloney.. we are only interested
    in population averages for the purposes of proving God.. so don't
    even start with "2nd order effects", they statistically disappear
    in population averages, means and standard deviations, which
    is all we are concerned with.

      The upshot of course, is that this generally accepted opinion
    and research of Professor Steckel, confirms beyond any doubt,
    that Hammond's SPOG is correct, since the growth curve deficit
    can already be measured Psychometrically. It is dramatic and
    ironclad confirmation that Hammond is correct.

    Sorry... but you don't have a scientific leg to stand on. The
    scientific proof of God (SPOG) obviously stands solidly
    on an easily understood, authoritatively confirmed, and simple
    scientific fact... namely, the "secular trend in brain growth",
    which in the near future will be easily measurable with a
    "mouth swab" according to Professor Steckel:

    Professor Richard Steckel's correct homepage URL is:


    both the Time and Oberlin Alumni articles are URL listed there.

      Of PARTICULAR INTEREST is Professor Steckel's statement on
    page 3 of the Oberlin Article where he mentions the "Theoretical
    Genetic Size" versus the "Actual Size" of an individual:

    "I've asked geneticists how long it will be
    before we can estimate the genetic potential
    for growth of particular individuals. We can
    take a blood sample or a mouth swab, get your
    DNA, determine your height, and conclude how
    tall you should end up. If we know each
    person's growth potential and discover that
    they're falling below that, then we know
    something is wrong"

         (Prof. R.H.Steckel, Oberlin Alumni Magazine,
          page 3, circa 1998)

    Now, some people have objected to my graphical summary
    of this same conclusion given at:


    where I show the difference between the GENOTYPE and
    the PHENOTYPE for each person. For those who have refused
    to believe such a thing exists as stated by Hammond, we
    now see that an internationally recognized authority such
    as Professor Steckel who is appearing in Time Magazine cover
    stories believes and has confirmed the very same thing...
    in fact he goes on in the next paragraph to say:

         ".. and the technology should be available
          to do this within 5 to 10 years."

         (Prof. R.H.Steckel, Oberlin Alumni Magazine,
          page 3, circa 1998)

    this was written apparently several years ago BTW.
      So Prof. Steckel not only thinks the "growth curve deficit"
    shown in my graph above exists, he thinks that geneticists
    will be measuring it with "mouth swabs" within a few years.
      Now, unbeknownst to Professor Steckel of course, is that
    this "growth deficit" is the direct cause of "God" (Hammond
    website below). Professor Steckel has actually predicted that
    geneticist will be able to physically measure GOD then, using
    a "mouth swab" within a few years, if not already!

    Be sure to visit my website below, and please ask your
    news service provider to add  alt.sci.proof-of-god
    George Hammond, M.S. Physics
    Email:    ghammond@mediaone.net
    Website:  http://people.ne.mediaone.net/ghammond/index.html

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