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Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 07:35:37 EDT

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    Scott Tucker wrote:
    > on 8/2/01 12:49 PM, George Hammond wrote:
    > > [snip] of "Growth Secular Trend" will turn up
    > > scores of papers and summaries. However, it has recently made
    > > the front cover of TIME MAGAZINE:
    > >
    > >
    > > (Time Magazine Article, Oct 1996)
    > I was unable to find this article on Time's web site archive. Even the
    > scanned cover from this link doesn't match the one on the Time web site.
    > Any clues?
    > --S. Tucker

      I took a couple of minutes to investigate your question. the
    TIME MAGAZINE COVER STORY on the Secular Trend is legit;
    Time is a worldwide magazine and they frequently issue the
    same magazine on the same date with different cover stories
    in different regions of the world. The Secular Trend story
    was on the cover of the EUROPEAN edition for Oct 14, 1996.
    Apparently the contents are not the same either in the various
    editions, I don't know if they are all printed in English
      On Oct 14, 1996 Time came out with 3-Covers, one for the U.S.,
    one for Europe, and one for Asia... all of them different.
    this may be seen at the following Time URL:

    TIME MAGAZINE, Oct 14, 1996 (3-international covers)


    U.S. COVER:

    COVER: The Woman of the Year
    If you want to understand the Campaign of 1996, find the
    women who are deciding this race: many of them are
    Midwestern, conservative working moms who are too busy
    to think much about politics at all. Time found Lori Lucas

    EUROPE COVER: (This is the Secular Trend cover story)

    COVER: Tall Nation, Rich Nation
    Want to know how a nation is faring? Find out the average
    height, says the emerging science of auxology. The tape
    measure gives a good indication of how prosperous a society
    is, as reflected by how well it cares for its growing children
    Tallest of All: Why are the Dutch shooting up fastest?


    COVER: Here come the divas!
    From America to Asia, these stylish women singers are
    invading the global music scene and forcing pop's bad
    boys to step aside

      I was kind of interested in this myself after I found the
    U.S. cover did not match the secular Trend article, like
    you said. Mystery solved, it was the European edition
    (in English).

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