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Date: Sat Aug 04 2001 - 21:27:26 EDT

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    Scott Tucker wrote:
    > on 8/2/01 12:49 PM, George Hammond wrote:
    > > [snip] of "Growth Secular Trend" will turn up
    > > scores of papers and summaries. However, it has recently made
    > > the front cover of TIME MAGAZINE:
    > >
    > >
    > > (Time Magazine Article, Oct 1996)
    > I was unable to find this article on Time's web site archive. Even the
    > scanned cover from this link doesn't match the one on the Time web site.
    > Any clues?

      Professor Richard H. Steckel who is the researcher featured in the
    article (note his picture in the article) is a world famous researcher
    and Professor of Economics & of Anthropology at Ohio State University
    whose CV and published papers run to 3 pages:

    Office Phone: 614-292-5008 e-mail:

    a picture of him on the Ohio University webpage also matches the
    individual photographed in the Time article:

      I checked all of this out some time ago. Suggest you look again
    at your Time Website. Most likely explanation is that you have
    simply goofed the search.

    George Hammond

    > --S. Tucker

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