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Date: Sat Aug 04 2001 - 19:08:33 EDT

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    To John and George:

    Gentlemen, I observe you have what would appear to be a boundless
    tolerance to coincidence. Of course, in the 'school of life' we learn
    that strange coincidences can, and do, occur - and, unless we are
    particularly superstitious, we read into them nothing of great
    significance. In other words, they are tolerated as things that
    sometimes happen. But what if one improbable event follows hard upon
    another, and another, and another...? Is it our normal practice to carry
    on as though nothing were amiss?

    To illustrate:

    As a Briton holidaying on a remote Caribbean island in early spring I
    meet an acquaintance (now living in Australia) whom I have not seen
    since my early school days. "What a remarkable coincidence!", we say,
    and talk for some time of the 'good old days', and how life has 'used
    us' since. On returning home I recount the event (each time with
    unbridled amazement) to family and friends.

    Cornering the Cheops pyramid in the autumn of the following year, I bump
    into the same man. Having both said, "Well, blow me down!" (or some such
    phrase expressing intense surprise) we chat for a while. I return to my
    hotel somewhat thoughtfully.

    My suspicions are fully aroused when, a few weeks later, the same man
    joins my golf club. I deduce that these events (which at first appeared
    random) have been engineered by him. But why?, I ask myself. What can
    his motive be? Hitherto I had been tolerant of the supposedly chance
    coincidences - but no longer!

    I suggest the subject of the anecdote behaves reasonably - indeed, as we
    ourselves would behave in similar circumstances.

    John and George, I hope you can see the direction in which my argument
    proceeds. Over the past months I have brought many remarkable scriptural
    facts to the attention of this forum that combine to speak powerfully
    of the reality of supernatural agency, and of divine purpose. Along
    comes Richard with an identical message - this based on completely
    different principles from mine. I am unable to understand why you should
    quibble about the 66 books splitting 39/27. Isn't this what one would
    normally expect to find when purchasing a Bible? Besides, my own
    pictorial analysis of the matter reveals geometrical symmetries which
    are hardly commonplace!

    I'll leave it at that for now. No doubt Richard will reply to your
    specific points in due course.



    John W Burgeson wrote:
    > >It reveals the supernatural structure of the Christian Canon by
    > displaying the intrinsic geometric integration of the sixty-six books
    > amongst themselves>>
    > My understanding is that the "66 books" are not even = to 66 in some
    > canons, such as the Jewish Scriptures, and, certainly, not the Catholic
    > version of the Bible. To ascribe any "supernatural" attribute to the 66
    > is, therefore, quite problematical. (I'm trying to be polite here).
    > John Burgeson (Burgy)
    > (science/theology, quantum mechanics, baseball, ethics,
    > humor, cars, God's intervention into natural causation, etc.)

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