Re: Evolution of proteins in sequence space

From: Bert Massie (
Date: Sat Aug 04 2001 - 14:59:17 EDT

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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Ok, yes there are other models than my Model A vs Model B. My real point is that
    with many of these models that we have a hard time giving a real firm argument
    from observations of the physical world to distinguish between them.

    Even Dawkins speaks to the improbable outcome which lead to us humans. So,
    creationist argue to a design and a Designer and "anti'chance" is one pointed to
    as a supportive arguement. Now, God is not proposed as inserting himself into
    controlling every event. If this were so, then we would have a problem with the
    concept of free will.

    Fine, now lets ask the question again, if the sequence of events from the origin
    of space-time-mater laws of physics through the origin of life through the
    development of animals to us was set up by God, where did he "load the dice" or
    "intervene." There are plenty of concepts including my simple minded Model A vs
    Model B.

    But, my real point is about our ability to distinguish between them. Perhaps I
    am implying a principle of limitation of knowing.

    Some would say for example, "Well God gave the universe everything it needed to
    get to where we are today (except for devine intervention for miracles)." and
    others would say, "Well, we look at the development of life for example and we
    see inflection points where the improbability of the event is so high that the
    known infomation make it improbable beyond 10^-55 and it could not have happened
    without intervention right there. (For example the origin of the first cell.)"

    It seems to me we cannot really establish which model of the interevention of
    God to select even though we all have our basis including myself


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