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    > <Apart from supporting doctrinal positions per se, the Apocrypha are also of
    > significance for appreciating some texts in the OT as in Daniel and even more
    > in the NT since the writers sometimes allude to materials in the apocrypha.
    > One of the most significant in my mind is the list of the heroes of faith in
    > Hebrews 11 which at the end is referring to the heroes of the Maccabean era,
    > and apparently also making reference to the Ascension of Isaiah, a
    > pseudepigraphical book. The early church was reading these books, and if
    > Christians do not read them they miss the flavor of some things in the NT. 1
    > and 2 Maccabees are particularly important; and Eccesiasticus is cited as
    > Scripture in more than one early father.
    > The "400 silent years" are not silent if you read the Apocrypha,
    > Pseudepigrapha and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

            Yes. & aside from any questions about inspiration, canonicity, &c, I
    Maccabees is a crucial source for understanding subsequent Jewish & Christian
    history, including the NT. (For a start, "the feast of the Dedication" in
    Jn.10:22 was celebration of the rededication of the Temple - now Hanukkah - whose
    institution is described in I Macc.4:36-60.)



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