Re: Evolution of proteins in sequence space

From: Bert Massie (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 18:08:02 EDT

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    Look, let me take the position that information came into the universe
    from God. Now, the information was not in the form of a text book. It
    was in the form of an entity such as a cell with DNA.

    But, this is more than just information it has to be a cell that is
    alive etc and it is a physical entity. Now, many years later, actually
    maybee 3.8B years, we are sitting here trying to determine how this
    information became more complex, and how the organisms became more
    complex and ecologically placed. That is, each organism must have an
    ecology of eat and be eaten.

    Looking backwards, let posit two Models, labeled A and B.

    Model A
    The initial conditions were set just right so that the laws of nature
    plus these initial conditions would lead to us.


    Model B
    The initial conditions were set appropriately but along the way God
    introduced additional organims and information which lead to us.

    Now Howard, the question is, how can be tell the difference between
    Model A and Model B?

    (I am ignoring the question of quantum inderterminacy.)


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