Re: Evolution of proteins in sequence space

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Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 14:16:22 EDT

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    Here I thought all this was covered under Providence, which is essential
    to theism. Is there a tacit assumption of a semi-deistic theory of
    "Nature" in some of the discussion?

    On Fri, 03 Aug 2001 12:40:30 -0400 "Howard J. Van Till"
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    > Larry Johnston, in response to Peter Ruest says:
    > > Peter - Thanks x 10^6 for that beautiful analysis of our situation
    > in
    > > sequence space. It
    > > looks to me like this leaves us with two options:
    > >
    > > 1, we adopt Van Til's hypothesis of ultra-smart atoms or
    > > 2. Assume that Someone has been
    > > injecting huge amounts of information into the Universe, from
    > outside.
    > > Other options?
    > A couple of comments:
    > 1. If atoms are "ultra-smart" ( I would have said "robustly equipped
    > by
    > their Creator with formational capabilities") it would, of course,
    > be a
    > manifestation of the Creator's creativity (in conceiving what would
    > be
    > required) and generosity (in giving what was required).
    > 2. However, having found David Ray Griffin's development of
    > "persuasive"
    > divine action very helpful, I would be happy to consider the
    > possibility
    > that this "non-coercive" divine action is the key factor that leads
    > the
    > exercise of the universe's robust formational economy to be as
    > remarkably
    > fruitful as it is. I have sometimes referred to this in the language
    > of
    > God's "blessing" as the kind of divine action that leads the action
    > of
    > creatures to be fruitful. cf Genesis 1:22.
    > In this manner, divine action is both essential and effective, but
    > does not
    > constitute irruptive, overpowering intervention, which generally
    > strikes me
    > as a violation of the being originally given to the Creation. In
    > Griffin's
    > process theology, divine action is not merely something that is
    > occasionally
    > inserted into an otherwise Godless process to bridge a "capability
    > gap," but
    > is an essential factor (present in all that happens) in an enriched
    > concept
    > of what is "natural."
    > A question:
    > What does it mean to say that "Someone has been injecting
    > information into
    > the Universe, from outside"? What kind of action does "injecting
    > information" represent? To use the Griffin categories, would it be
    > "coercive," or "non-coercive"?
    > Howard Van Till

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