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Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 21:10:47 EDT

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    Your e-mail comes at an opportune time. I was just reading an article in
    the "Canada Lutheran" (July/Aug 2001 issue) entitled "No Lutheran Bible"
    where the author claims that the "Lutherans possess no binding list or guide
    as to what books are among 'the scriptures of the Old and New Testament.'"
    The article also contains the claim that "Saint Augustine ... recognized
    that there was a divergence among Christians as to what books are

    Now we can't have it both ways. If, as you suggest, the supernatural
    structure of the 66 books is a clear indication that there's "something to
    it," where does this leave those branches of Christianity that don't accept
    the 66 books?

    Maybe George Murphy could comment on the validity of the contents of the
    article in the Canada Lutheran?


    Chuck Vandergraaf
    Pinawa, MB

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    Dear All,

    I am writing to bring to your attention a site which complements my own.
    Richard McGough describes his 'The Bible Wheel' as "...a simple
    geometric view of the Holy Bible. It reveals the supernatural structure
    of the Christian Canon by displaying the intrinsic geometric integration
    of the sixty-six books amongst themselves and with the twenty-two
    letters of the Hebrew alphabet." The material is well-researched and
    presented, and worth looking at. Here is the URL:



    PS A little contribution of my own supports Richard's thesis. It may be
    found at


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