Re: Does it make any difference if there is a God?

From: George Hammond (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 05:56:24 EDT

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    John W Burgeson wrote:
    > George: You wrote: " I'm beginning to wonder if it really makes any
    > difference that God has been proven to exist? I mean; who cares? It
    > seems to be only an idle curiosity."
    > My take on that question is twofold:
    > 1. The heart has reasons the mind cannot comprehend. I believe Pascal (a
    > fair mathematician BTW) first said that. In my case, that is how I
    > "proved God existed." Or, rather, how He manifested himself to me, at age
    > 31. The neat thing about this method is that it is available to
    > everybody, rich or poor, intellectual or a 5th grade dropout.
    > 2. Your method (you have said) is understandable only by people with
    > certain educational qualifications. Not having that particular set, I
    > cannot parse your work to appreciate (or reject) it. So it is of
    > essentially no use to me. I already know God exists; you have an esoteric
    > way of "proving" what I already know to be true. That's fine, but why
    > should I care? It is if you came up with a fancy set of mathematics to
    > prove that my wife loves me. So what? I know that far beyond what any set
    > of equations might say.
    > John Burgeson (Burgy)

      Well I certainly would be the last to bother engaging in a
    futile colloquy about the difference between "believing" and
    "knowing", merely because such a discussion has no practical
    relevance as far as I can read the historical picture. So,
    I will not bother rising to that one.
      However, what I'm getting at is, what practical difference does
    it make whether there is a God?
      To attempt my own answer to the question; I think God is somewhat
    like the Atomic Bomb. IOW an A-Bomb has very little significance to
    anyone personally, it is only significant on the Global level where it
    maintains World peace, stability and the onslaught of history. Because of
    this one rarely hears people discussing the Atomic Bomb, simply because
    the importance of it is something well beyond individual personal
    concern. So too, I think the matter of God is more or less up in
    the Atomic Bomb category. I mean, an individual faced with a personal
    problem would certainly not have the option of employing an Atomic Bomb.
      Then, perhaps the real reason people are not concerned with the
    discovery of a scientific proof of God is the same reason they are
    not concerned with the discovery of an Atomic Bomb either. No?

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