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Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 07:43:36 EDT

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    Dear Members

    We think we have completed the list of pharmaceutical, medical and veterinary
    abbreviations and their meanings. We now have a total of 27,000
    abbreviations and acronyms. By a complete list we mean we have 99% of the

    We challenge you to find an acronym we have not included. It must be
    medical, biotechnological, pharma or veterinary.

    Our next step is to go through all abbreviations and acronyms which represent
    associations and places and place their website address as a link in the
    database. Any help here would be most welcome. Just look up an association
    or place from our search box, if the result does not have a link to a website
    please send us the address if you know it. We would be eternally grateful.

    We would like to thank the many people from around the world who helped us
    compile this unique database.

    Best regards

    Christian Nordqvist
    83 Filsham Road, St. Leonards, E Sussex TN380PE, United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 1424 434208 Fax: +44 1424 716516

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