possible future shortages of other resources

From: Darryl Maddox (dpmaddox@arn.net)
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 07:40:19 EDT

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    The recent information and discussions about oil production curves and the effects of a decrease in annual hydrocarbon production at a time when nations are trying to improve their standard of living by increasing their utilization of energy for manufacturing, travel, and agriculture caused me to wonder if anyone has applied similar mathematical models to other natural resources which may be cricital to a high standard of living. The first that comes to mind is good old low tech water, but that is because we here in Amarillo Texas have come through the hottest (as measured by the number of days the official daily high temperature reached or exceeded 100 {13 vs 10 for previous high in 1934} and driest (0.04 inches of rain vs mothly average of 2.64) July on record for us. While most people understand our need for water I suspect most don't have any idea there are many minerals and elements which are critical to some degree or other to our standard of living, to our technologies for manufacturing luxury items, for manufacturing things that make the daily tasks of living easier or more pleasant, for manufacturing items that are essential to our current way of living, working and communicating, and lastly and most importantly to our defense AND that some of these elements and minerals may be getting in short supply.

    Anyone have thoughts or information on this variation of the energy shortage qustion?


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