Does it make any difference if there is a God?

From: George Hammond (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 04:05:16 EDT

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      Growing up as a kid I certainly never believed there was a God.
    As an adult, after I had achieved 2 degrees in physics, the question
    never even achieved my attention until I was nearly 35 years old, at
    which time, after several days of introspection I concluded, no, there
    definitely was no such thing as a "supernatural" force in the world.
      20 years later, as the result of Psychology research, I began to
    realize what they were talking about when they said "God", and realized
    it was not the thing that I had thought they were talking about 20
    years earlier. I began to realize that there WAS a God, and began to
    realize that it is a primary phenomena associated with the historical
    nature of the human physical condition, mainly the incomplete growth
    of the human body and the brain (Secular Trend, so called).
      Meanwhile, I was using theoretical physics to search for the so called
    "Structural Model" in Psychology, mainly in Psychometry. Quite amazingly
    I succeeded in this task where all other had failed... simply because
    they (they=psychologists) didn't know any physics. Turns out the
    "Structural Model" they were looking for is simply caused by the 3-axis
    Cartesian Geometry of the brain. I published this discovery in the peer
    reviewed literature (Hammond 1994). Naturally, since the psychologists
    still don't know any physics, the paper is still sitting on the library
    journal shelves unread by anyone.
      The next thing that happened was an amazing accident. In 1997 due to
    further research in Psychometry I discovered that the "Structural Model
    of Personality" which I discovered, could be unified with the other half
    of Psychometry which is known as "Intelligence" research (IQ). This it
    turns out is IDENTICALLY the same step that Einstein took when he unified
    SPACE with TIME to form what is called SPACETIME. It turned out that
    the 3-space axes of the brain and the (speed dependent) IQ were in fact
    identically caused by the 4-dimensions of spacetime via the Cartesian
    Geometry of the brain. On February 2, 1997 I suddenly realized that
    this produced a SCIENTIFIC PROOF OF GOD. Yes, the world's first bona
    fide, rigorous hard scientific proof of what God was, and that God
    actually exists. (see my website for details).
      Anyway... I was quite excited at the time to find out that there really
    was a God, that basically all that stuff they've been telling us for 2,000
    years is actually true. In fact, I still find it a matter of some wonder
    and amazement.
      But now, having known about this since 1997, and told apparently thousands
    of people about it on the Internet, .. I'm beginning to wonder if it really
    makes any difference that God has been proven to exist? I mean; who cares?
    It seems to be only an idle curiosity.

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    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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