Re: Watershed

Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 21:36:16 EDT

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    Vernon wrote,

    << Concerning the true reading of Revelation 13:18, I suggest there are a
     number of good reasons for believing the 'number of the beast' to be 666
     rather than 616, viz

    I agree that "666" is probably the orginal text; but you seem to miss my
    point. Let me put it as question.

    Suppose God inspired a writer to write "666", but later a scribe changed the
    text to "616"; and, in addition all copies of the text with "666" were lost,
    so that all that was available were the copies with "616." If a clever
    person by various mathematical processes found a name which matched "616" and
    that name was a stunningly impressive suggestion, would the name show that
    this Bible verse was of divine origin----even though the clever name was not
    based on a word inspired by God?


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