Raw physics: How Evolution proves Creationism

From: George Hammond (ghammond@mediaone.net)
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 02:45:04 EDT

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      The ironic thing is that Evolution actually "proves"
    Creationism... in fact without Evolution one could
    not scientifically prove Creationism.
      The scientific truth of Creationism depends upon
    proof that the modern human brain is only about
    90,000 year old (the Creationists claim 6,000 but
    were not quibbling over a factor of 10, we are arguing
    with the Evolutionists about a factor of 1,000,000).
      The reason evolution "proves" Creationism, is that
    Evolution "proves" that the human brain is only several
    THOUSANDS of years old, NOT billions of years old, and
    that in fact, the modern human brain was "created"
    when Homo Sapiens Sapiens came into being. This was
    the "Creation" of the Bible. Adam and Eve were the
    first two Homo s. Sapiens.
      Now, "reality as we know it" depends entirely on the
    human brain... hence, Evolution "proves' that reality
    is only 6,000 years old (to use the Bible figure).
      IOW, "human reality" DID NOT EXIST before a few thousands
    of years ago. When human reality came into being, the
    "past, present and future" came into being with it.
    This "past, present and future" contains the Big Bang
    for instance.
      Now, since "perfect man" is the Creator of "absolute
    reality", this "perfect man" is called "God".
      OK... you might say "well, yes but this is only an
    uninteresting metaphysical argument of no practical
    significance". WRONG... it is of practical significance,
    and the reason is this. No one in the human race has,
    or has ever had, a FULL GROWN BRAIN. This amazing fact
    was only discovered 50 years ago when they discovered the
    SECULAR TREND in human growth, the long slow historical
    increase of percentage of full growth which increases
    with every passing generation as the human phenotype
    slowly approaches its genotype.
      The SIGNIFICANCE of this is that "variable brain growth"
    causes "variable reality" in human beings... and this is
    what we call the "supernatural action of God" in the
    World. It is in fact REAL, it is MEASURABLE (God is measurable)
    and there is a hard scientific proof of it. In fact,
    it has been discovered that this variable brain growth is
    controlled by gravity, hence REALITY is modulated by Gravity,
    or to put it another way, GOD is caused by GRAVITY
    (brain gravity BTW, cf Penrose 1994, not terrestrial gravity).
      This discovery (Hammond 1997, see website below) is of
    the most urgent scientific importance... a fact that the
    Creationists are implicitly aware of... and this is what
    is causing all of the political controversy that you are
    hearing about vis a vis the "Creationists". The scientists
    are completely ignorant of this discovery BTW.
      The IRONY of the whole controversy between the Evolutionists
    and the Creationists is that Evolution is actually needed to
    PROVE the scientific fact of Creationism.

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