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Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 23:52:05 EDT

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    > A new model of motivational behavior, described as a ten-level,
    > meta-hierarchy of the major groupings of virtues, values, and
    > ideals, serves
    > as the foundation for a new holistic theory of ethics and morality:
    > with
    > revolutionary applications to behavioral science. The key innovation
    > arises
    > as a direct outcome of the Communications Theory concept of the
    > metaperspective (a higher-order perspective upon the viewpoint held
    > by
    > another). The traditional groupings of ethical terms are
    > collectively
    > arrayed as subsets within such a hierarchy of metaperspectives, each
    > more
    > abstract listing building in a direct fashion upon that which it
    > supersedes.
    > Take, for example, the cardinal virtues
    > (prudence-justice-temperance-fortitude), the theological virtues
    > (faith-hope-charity-decency), and the classical Greek values
    > (beauty-truth-goodness-wisdom). Each of these groupings is split
    > into a
    > complex of four subordinate terms, allowing for precise,
    > point-for-point
    > stacking within the ethical hierarchy. When additional groupings of
    > ethical
    > terms are further added into the mix: namely, the personal ideals
    > (glory-honor-dignity-integrity), the civil liberties
    > (providence-liberty-civility-austerity), the humanistic values
    > (peace-love-tranquility-equality), and the mystical values
    > (ecstasy-bliss-joy-harmony), amongst others; the complete ten level
    > hierarchy of metaperspectives emerges in full detail: along with
    > their
    > associated foundations in behavioral terminology.
    > ___________________________________________________
    I find the several sets of four curious. The first are Plato's four
    cardinal virtues, but there are only three theological virtues. Combined
    with Plato's, there are the traditional Seven Cardinal Virtues. The Greek
    convertibles are three in number, beauty, truth and goodness. Looks to me
    as though, when reality doesn't fit, John forces a fit.

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