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Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 20:30:35 EDT

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    Vernon Jenkins wrote:

    > M.B.Roberts wrote:
    > >
    > > Vernon
    > >
    > > I am sorry but I find your treatment of the Bible misguided and
    > > offensive. I did once refer your work to the unrude and not unlearned
    > > and got a ribald response.
    > Bearing in mind that I deal only in self-evident truths, I am at a loss
    > to know why any 'lover of truth' (the Lord's definition of any committed
    > follower of his) should regard my efforts as 'misguided' and
    > 'offensive'.

            Unless you think everybody else on this list is literally a moron you
    cannot seriously mean that the claims you make are "self-evident". & unless you
    think we're all gross hypocrites, you can't attribute our uniform rejection of
    your claims to lack of commitment to the gospel. If you do think that we're
    morons & hypocrites, your time would be better spend trying to persuade others.
    If you don't think that, you might consider a basic criterion for both
    scientific and theological study enunciated, I think, by Snoopy: "Have you ever
    considered the possibility that you might be wrong?"



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Dialogue"

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