Re: Watershed

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 09:52:35 EDT

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    As I see it, here is what you appear to have done (again):

    1. Select a particular portion of biblical text (perhaps drawn from a
    particular one of variant ancient manuscripts).

    2. Select a humanly crafted system (or a combination of systems) of
    translating textual characters (including character counts and word counts)
    into numbers.

    3. Build a large collection of numbers that can be generated from the text
    (and various subsets of it) by an unrestricted menu of text-to-number

    4. Look into the encyclopedia of all numbers and numerical relationships
    that can, by any criteria whatsoever, be declared to be "interesting."

    5. Discover that there are instances in which a number (or small group of
    numbers) in collection #3 corresponds to a number (or group of numbers) in
    encyclopedia #4.

    6. Insist that we should be surprised by this unsurprising result.

    Howard Van Till

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