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    Is this pi in the sky?

    More seriously this quasimathematical eisegesis makes mockery of the Divine
    word of God. As Calvin wrote Moses wrote for the "rude and unlearned" in
    other words thick idiots like me. I can understand that " in the beginning
    God made the heavens and the earth" but I am simply too thick to even begin
    to understand all this about pi and e.
    I also have to preach to the Welsh so I have to be simple but they are no
    thicker than the English or Americans.

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    > >> the Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1 deliver a value for the fundamental
    > constant
    > 'pi' correct to 5 significant figures (underestimating the true value by
    > a mere 0.0012%). Precisely the same procedure applied to the Greek of
    > John 1:1 yields an estimate of Euler's number, 'e', also correct to 5
    > significant figures (overestimating the true value by 0.0011%)>>
    > So God is an imperfect mathematician? He underestimates pi and
    > overestimates e?
    > Sorry.
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