From: Vernon Jenkins (vernon.jenkins@virgin.net)
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 15:13:10 EDT

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    Dear All,

    By a process of simple arithmetic based upon the two ratios, (product of
    letters:product of words) and (number of letters:number of words), the
    Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1 deliver a value for the fundamental constant
    'pi' correct to 5 significant figures (underestimating the true value by
    a mere 0.0012%). Precisely the same procedure applied to the Greek of
    John 1:1 yields an estimate of Euler's number, 'e', also correct to 5
    significant figures (overestimating the true value by 0.0011%). Such
    calculations, of course, are based upon the reading of Hebrew and Greek
    letters as numerals, according to their respective, historically-
    attested, alphabetic numbering schemes.

    I'm sure all would agree that these are most remarkable findings - and
    particularly when one takes into consideration the similarity of theme
    in these verses. Clearly, the probability of such events occurring by
    chance is vanishingly small; we therefore seek a designer. However, we
    encounter problems here if we insist upon the designer being human! For
    example, the writing of Genesis 1:1 preceded the introduction of Hebrew
    alphabetic numeration by a couple of millenia; and Euler (who discovered
    'e') was an 18th century man, and therefore incapable of informing John
    (c100 AD)! But anyway, who ever would have been capable of writing with
    such numerical objectives in mind - even if the latter had been known?

    For these (and other) reasons I suggest it is impossible to avoid the
    conclusion that Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1 have the same, supernatural,
    author - who, incidentally, knew a bit about maths and science! It is
    also clear that the numbers which we find integrated with the words of
    the scriptures - as they occur in the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek
    writings which form the basis of our Bible translations - are there by

    Details of the biblical 'pi' and 'e' evaluations may be found in a new
    page entitled "From First Principles" at http://www.otherbiblecode.com.



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