Re: Santorum Amendment

Date: Tue Jun 19 2001 - 19:09:46 EDT

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    About Sen. Santorum's amendment,

    George Murphy wrote:
    > I suspect that this is simply a stalking horse for introduction
    > of supposedly scientific alternatives to evolution - "creation science"
    > under one name or another.

    I am shocked, simply shocked at such allegations of flim-flammery
    foisted on an unsuspecting public! The wording appears so neutral
    and unbiased, how could anyone believe that there are Trojans in
    that wooden stalking horse? ;^)


       '[...] Law professor Phillip E. Johnson, who has written widely on
       evolution being taught dogmatically in public schools, helped frame
       the language earlier this month while visiting Washington for a public
         "I offered some language to Senator Santorum, after he had decided
       to propose a resolution of this sort," Mr. Johnson said.[...]

    I wonder what Santorum left out.

    Tim Ikeda (

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