Re: Macro- and microevolution [was: Re: Icons of Evolution]

Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 11:46:30 EDT

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    Peter writes:
    > I have not found any suitable term specifically denoting the distinction
    > I wanted to make, so I adapted the term "macroevolution" for this (is
    > this a coaptation? ;-)). Does anyone have a better suggestion?

    Try "macromolecular functional emergence", or if you want to create
    a new word try "macrolon evolution" (I thought German was a language
    that happily created new, compound words -- try something in German
    and then translate it into English).

    But please use anything but macroevolution, particularly when macro-
    evolutionary events such as the emergence of the vertebrates are being
    discussed. It's way too confusing otherwise.

    Tim Ikeda

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