Re: historicity of Darwin

From: George Hammond (
Date: Sat Jun 16 2001 - 01:43:03 EDT

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    Steve Krogh wrote:
    > > Mr. Moderator:
    > >
    > > Isn't there some rule in the charter that can be used
    > > to prevent kooks from posting harassing no-content
    > > one-liners such as the aggravated comment by Krogh above?
    > I just love irony on Friday's.

      I would have to caution you Mr. Krogh about OT harassment,
    and ad hominem remarks on this moderated list under the auspices
    of the ASA. In your last post you said:

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    Michael sure hooked a big one. ;-)

    and to my objection you say:

    I just love irony on Friday's.

      I don't think I have to demonstrate my capacity for
    viciousness here and it certainly outstrips yours
    by an order of magnitude. I simply remind you that
    everything I have posted to this list has been meticulously
    on topic and has contained only relevant sci-rel material,
    including my previous posts.
      Your two last posts have contained a violation of the
    personal attack rule, purely ad hominem content, and
    entirely off topic material.
      The policy of this list is in fact to bar unproductive
    flirtations with harassement and illegality such as
    yours, and to keep aggravated amateur commentary from
    interfering with serious intellectual discourse.
      If you have some disagreement with the factual scientific
    and/or theological material I have posted, I would be glad
    to elaborate whatever it is you fail to comprehend. However,
    any continuation of OT or ad hominem harassment by you is
    going to escalate into a situation involving the moderator.

    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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