Re: historicity of Darwin

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Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 18:36:16 EDT

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    > [Hammond]
    > Sir Richard Owen, England's greatest Paleontologist (coined
    > the word Dinosaur) recognized and published the fact of
    > Evolution before Darwin, but considered it a "trivial"
    > discovery compared to the "Archetypal" Cartesian Geometry
    > of the Vertebrate Skeleton which he said "was ordained by God
    > and immune to Evolution".
    > He was right on all scores, indeed the Cartesian-Geometry
    > (Universal Body-Plan, so called) leads directly to the World's
    > first hard scientific proof of God (Hammond 1994, 1997). Darwin
    > is about to be eclipsed by Owen, and the World turned
    > rightside up again, and it's about time.
    > We can thank Owen, Einstein, Eysenck, Cattell, DesCartes
    > and many other scientists, and particularly The Creationists
    > who are supplying the political muscle, for reinstating the true
    > World again after 150 years of Darwinian pseudo-scientific abuse.
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