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    >What I actually said is that schools should not teach only one side of an issue, that if they can't bring themselves to teach both sides fairly, then they should not teach either. It seems that rather than consider being fair, the evolutionists here (most of us) would prefer to paint me as anti-science. I suppose that is more comfortable than actually considering the alternative.<

    But there are innumerable sides, not two. For example, turning my head to the right produces the observation of tree branches moving. Possible interpretations include:
    I am hallucinating.
    Someone has snuck a virtual reality device onto me.
    Someone has put some sort of film projector, TV, etc. outside my window, or else the "window" is a viewing screen of some sort.
    It is not really a tree but some animate organism/being, e.g. an alien, angel, or swarm of camoflaged insects.
    Contrary to popular belief, trees are animate.
    Ordinary organisms are moving the leaves, e.g., squirrels.
    Supernatural or otherwise scientifically elusive beings are moving the leaves, e.g., elves or angels.
    People are moving the leaves, possibly as a joke.
    The wind is blowing the leaves.

    Not all of these options are mutually exclusive. To go through every possible explanation and review how well the data match each would take too long. For issues of actual interest (e.g., evolution), the detailed differences between different ideas and details of data analysis would probably go over the students heads (not to mention the teacher's). Of course, there are plenty of simple examples that could be used to show that the available data favors an old earth and not a young earth, and this could help the students understand the process of choosing among different scientific ideas.

    My problem with teaching young-earth arguments in school is not that they favor a young-earth; it is that they are false.

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