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From: George Hammond (
Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 13:02:01 EDT

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    Dear alt.config reader:

      I am a physicist (M.S. 1967) who claims to have discovered a
    scientific proof of God (SPOG).
      This discovery has been widely discussed on Physics, Psychology,
    Biology, Mathematics, and Philosophy newsgroups for the past
    20 months and has generated many thousands of posted messages.
      Because of the excessive traffic this subject has generated on
    some NG's, several members have urged the creation a new alt
      I have decided to look into this possibility, and have tentatively
    decided on the following name:


    This 3rd-level name uses the newer 20-character component
    element, but could be changed to a 4th level name:


    if the 14-character limit is imposed.

    The rationale for the name is as follows:

    .alt ..because I may not be able to solicit the necessary
             support (votes) for a non-alt newsgroup.

    .sci ..because I am a physicist and this is a scientific
             subject involving Psychometry, Relativity and Biology.

    .god ..because the scientific subject in this case is God.

    .hammond-proof .. because the NG is specifically for the
                         purpose of discussing Hammond's newly
                         discovered scientific theory.


      To discuss the science and significance of
      Hammond's recent discovery of a scientific proof
      of God (SPOG) A summary report of this discovery
      may be seen on the scientist's website at:

    A draft of a proposed newsgroup FAQ may be seen

    I have not written a Charter yet, till I find out more.

      My ISP is ATT/Mediaone, and I dunno if they even allow
    Control Messages and the News Administrator is probably
    a Nazi sympathizer who won't help me. Secondly, I am using
    Netscape Communicator 4.05 which I understand will not send
    Control messages.
      I expect the NG will be flamed and merciless pounded by
    psycho's and trolls, judging from the past 20 months experience.
    That is an annoyance but doesn't bother me particularly,
    and I don't want to moderate it because of the headaches
    involved. Besides, I feel that anyone wishing to make
    a "serious" post should not be clueless about the environment.
      Any constructive suggestions on the proposed newsgroup
    name, and guidance on how to proceed (or not to proceed)
    would be greatly appreciated.
      George Hammond

    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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