Historicity of Christ

From: JackUTM@aol.com
Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 10:37:45 EDT

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    In our adult SS class we just finished the four audiotapes on 'JESUS AND THE
    VICTORY OF GOD. They are lectures delivered (in summer school at Regent
    College, Vancouver) by Rev. N.T. Wright. He is a historian and also is a
    "canon theologian" at Westminster, London, UK. (There is a 700 page book by
    the same name -- these tapes provide, what I would call, an overview.)

    The tapes deal with the story of Christ in the historical context of Second
    Temple Judaism. They are powerful. Christians here have had their faith
    greatly strengthened. It was a bit deep and, in order to help us laypeople
    (I'm 82 as well), we made a transcript, word by word. We heard them in the
    Men's Saturday Morning Bible Class also, with very good effects. I have never
    heard such a great series of messages before. I highly recommend them.

    The publisher is BookStore@Regent-College.edu.

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