Re: Historicity of Christ

Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 01:22:32 EDT

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    Charles wrote,

    << A very good friend of mine has recently rejected his Christian faith. He
    has done this, so he says (and I have no reason to doubt him), because after
    researching the historicity of Christ and the gospels and Paul, he can no
    longer believe that the person of Jesus Christ as proclaimed by traditional
    Christianity was an historical figure ETC>>

    The writers he is reading have made a religion out of skepticism; and much of
    their argumentation is out of date. If he is serious about truth, he should
    balance his reading with the writings of N T Wright (Former teacher of NT
    Studies at Oxford and Cambridge, and current dean of Lichfield Cathedral, he
    has become a prolific writer committed to defending and maintaining
    Protestant Christianity in its Anglican form. He is an international New
    Testament scholar and historian who seeks quite consciously to combine his
    preaching with his scholarship), particularly his _Jesus and the Victory of
    God_ (thorough) and/or the more popular, _The Challenge of Jesus:
    Understanding Who Jesus Was_, or at least the mini-volume,_Who Was Jesus?

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