Re: historicity of Christ

Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 19:56:54 EDT

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    Jon Clark wrote:

    > However seeing the basic premise of any denial of the historicity of Jesus
    > is to deny the validity of the basic sources (especially the gospels), it
    > is hard to know where to begin. Look at the holocaust deniers.

    Sources alone would not be the basis for believing the gospel.
    Consider the book of Mormon.

    However, even at the _most_ skeptical level, it is still
    reasonable to accept that there could have been a man
    who was crucified because he said things that people didn't
    want the hear. As it is today, throughout history, everyone
    has had the desire to get rid of this guy at one time or another.
    Indeed, any excuse will do, just give me one. ;-) At some
    level, that is the whole point of the gospel, even without
    the theology. Denying the historicity of Jeshua ben Joseph
    is surely wreckless and is not likely to lead the human
    race in a productive direction regardless of whatever else
    is true (or false) about the gospel and its witness.

    by Grace alone do we proceed,

    The only thing we learn from history
    is that we don't learn anything. Hegel.

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