Re: divine action/creaturely action

From: David F Siemens (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 19:54:02 EDT

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    On Mon, 11 Jun 2001 12:31:15 -0600 "Terry M. Gray"
    <> writes: [in small part]
    > George,
    > 2.) . . .My sense in the sovereignty/responsibility debate is
    > that there is a belief that sovereignty (in the sense I am
    > advocating) makes free agency and authentic creaturely activity
    > *impossible*. In my mind this is like saying that it is impossible
    > for Jesus to fully God and fully man. No doubt, our human
    > categories,
    > definitions, logic, etc. suggest that it is impossible. But
    > revelation says otherwise.
    > TG
    The belief in the sovereignty of God that excludes the freedom of the
    creature springs from the covert assumption that knowing is causing, a
    silly category mistake, especially connected to the deity. The fact is
    that, as has been noted repeatedly, the Creator used secondary causes in
    the development of the universe. This includes the clear possibility that
    human beings are subcreators in the sense that we can cause outside of
    the nonhuman cause-effect chains. That this is a limited power does not
    change its reality.

    A second problem, which produces process theology even when it is not
    acknowledged or recognized, is the assumption that the eternal Creator is
    restricted to knowing only what has occurred in the universe as it
    happens. I have been unable to reconstruct what this means in the context
    of signaling restricted to the velocity of light. Is the deity restricted
    to 2 My old information from the Andromeda galaxie? If not, why not? Or
    is God's information about us delayed?

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