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From: Guy Blanchet (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 15:19:13 EDT

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    Mr. Carrigan,

    I recently came across a well documented and researched book by Lee
    Stroble entitled "The Case For Christ". I don't know of any other book
    that answers so many objections commonly raised against the historicity
    and other aspects of Christ and of the Written Word.

    Guy Blanchet

    Charles Carrigan a écrit:

    > All, This is probably not the most appropriate forum for this
    > question, but I can't think of a better place. So here goes...... A
    > very good friend of mine has recently rejected his Christian faith.
    > He has done this, so he says (and I have no reason to doubt him),
    > because after researching the historicity of Christ and the gospels
    > and Paul, he can no longer believe that the person of Jesus Christ as
    > proclaimed by traditional Christianity was an historical figure.
    > Instead, he now believes that Christianity has its roots in pagan and
    > mythical cultures, combined with neo-Platonism and Judaism of the
    > time. I'm not an apologist, nor am I a scholar of biblical literature
    > or history or whatever else that might be appropriate. He has given
    > me a laundry list of literature on the subject, which I have neither
    > the time nor the energy to pursue. (He has mentioned writings by
    > Robert M. Price, Charles Templeton, and many others). So I'm looking
    > for someone who has seriously researched these issues and can perhaps
    > provide some information for me to pass along. Thanks,C
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