Open letter to prof. ROBERT ELLIOT POLLACK

From: George Hammond (
Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 13:22:12 EDT

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    [George E. Hammond]

    Prof. D.W.S., Ph.D. (General Relativity, Divinity), S.J.
    Prof. Robert E. Pollack, Ph.D. (Physics, Biology, Psychology, Divinity)

    Dear Professor D.W.S.:

      While Wolfgang Pannenberg might be hard to reach, I have
    discovered that Professor ROBERT ELLIOT POLLACK, Director
    of CSSR (Center for the Study of Science and Religion)
    at Columbia University in New York has the following
    unusual and specifically relevant CV:

    1. An academic degree in Physics (via N.Y. State
         Regent's Scholarship)
    2. A professional level expertise in Psychometry
         and Factor Analysis (peer reviewed Publications,
         Psychology Chair at Columbia)
    3. Ph.D. in Biology (Embryology, Anatomy, Genetics,
         Department Chair, Columbia, etc.)
    4. A professional competence in Divinity (Judaism)
    5. Director of the lavishly funded CSSR (Columbia
       University, Templeton Foundation, U.S. Gov't. etc.)

    Obviously, he is one of the few people in the world actually
    academically qualified to comprehend the scientific proof
    of God (SPOG). Moreover, as director of the CSSR he has
    officially accepted a public mandate to look into such matters.

      Of course, Dr. Pollack is also an internationally know Microbiologist
    chairman of several departments, coeditor of many journals, with
    dozens of honorary appointments and hundreds of peer reviewed
    publications etc. and doublessly is a very busy person
    who would not talk to me unless someone like the Society of Jesus
    (Jesuits) specifically recommended it. Incidentally, the CSSR is
    specifically funded and mandated to look into these matters.
      You for instance, being a peer, I'm sure could easily reach
    Dr. Pollack by telephone and ask him to talk to me either in person
    or by email or telephone. I could even drag myself down to Columbia
    to the CSSR headquarters if he would agree to a half hour appointment
    to talk to me about the discovery of a SPOG from Psychometry and Physics.

    Sincerely yours, George Hammond,
                     M.S. Physics/(Psychology/Divinity)

    BCC email copies, CSSR advisory board:

    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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